In these times of uncertainty, please be assured that your safety and wellbeing is always our top priority at Club Umina. On this page, you will read about the preventive measures and COVIDSafe procedures we have in place to help us continue to provide safe and clean environments for our members, guests, and staff.


As a COVIDSafe venue and as part of our duty of care to our members, guests, and staff, we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • Having a detailed COVID Management Plan for the Club
  • Keeping a full record of everyone entering the club. This includes all members, guests, and staff.
  • Having everyone’s temperature checked upon entry into the Club.
  • Having a COVID19 Marshal walking throughout the venue at all times, monitoring and enforcing social distancing as well as other Club safety and hygiene rules.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitisation of all high-risk hard surfaces throughout the club including but not limited to gaming machines, handrails, lifts, tables, and more.
  • Providing accessible hand sanitisers at all key locations, as well as clean handwashing facilities within the club. We also have surface wipes available near self-serve terminals and machines.
  • Having visible hygiene signage throughout the club.
  • Providing a contactless payment option for patrons.
  • Refusing entry of patrons from hotspot areas flagged by NSW Health as well as anyone who is unwell.
  • All staff wearing masks while working within the club, in line with the recommendation from NSW Health.


  • Following the conditions of entry to the club on every visit.
  • Keeping your hands clean by using our hand washing facilities and sanitiser stations thoughout the club. Handwashing is also compulsary after bathroom use.
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes with tissue and disposing them properly after each use.
  • Staying away when sick. If you visit while you are ill, you will be asked to leave.


  • Your body temperature will be checked upon entry.
  • You must adhere to 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times.
  • You must remain seated and not loiter or mingle.
  • You must follow all Club safety & hygiene measures.
  • You must use hand sanitiser upon entry

As always, the safety of our members, guests and team members continue to be our top priority here at Club Umina. In addition to the abovementioned measures, we will also continue to perform all other COVIDSafe measures implemented in the previous months including:

✔️ temperature checking

✔️ regular high-touch area cleaning

✔️ encouraging hand hygiene

✔️ social distancing and more

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